You do not have to merely put up with an aging, stained, and cracked concrete pool deck that diminishes from your magnificent poolscape. You’ve already spent too much in your pool, hence, it is just reasonable to keep it looking its best. If you want to know different solutions to change and make your concrete pool decks new, we have come up with different pool deck resurfacing options for you: 

Stained pool deck 

When your concrete just requires slight improvement, stained concrete pool decks would be a nice option to have. We utilize water-based or permanent-acid stains to make eye-catching and unique effects that range from vibrant and rich colors to mottled earth tones that are resistant to fading. Stained concrete is the best for concealing aging, minor cracks, and pool deck repair. This minor and affordable minor resurfacing option can provide your poolscape with a totally fresh look.  

Stamped concrete pool deck 

This overlay can dramatically provide a new look to your pool deck. Also, a stamped concrete pool deck can help step up your pool deck’s aesthetic from a boring one since it will give you the rich color and texture of high-end material like pavers, wood planks, flagstone, or slate. Our concrete experts will be laying in a thin concrete to your prepped concrete pool deck. This overlay’s usually stained with several concrete stains and stamped to imitate different materials featuring natural color variations, and realistic lines and texture. You can have the look of wood, natural stone, or paver at a fraction of the cost of using actual materials. 

Concrete resurfacing 

If you are looking for resurfacing options that can simply make your concrete pool deck look like newly installed once more, then a resurfacing product is the cheapest option for this. Basic products of pool deck resurfacing are created from a cement overlay that is strengthened with polymer resins. This type of resurfacing product is usually gray yet can also be tinted. Also, it can be used over your old concrete to provide it a new look to your pool surface.  

Cool deck coatings 

Concrete can be extremely hot during summer seasons. A cool deck pool coating is perfect to have if you want to resurface your pool deck with a much-reduced surface temp. Nowadays, cool pool deck coatings can be applied to existing or new concrete and even get it stamped into great decorations with different color options.  

Acrylic concrete coating 

This is one of the most cost-effective ways of renovating an old pool deck. Moreover, the acrylic concrete coating is an attractive and versatile yet low-cost solution that provides good resistance to fading from pool chemicals and UV exposure. Our skilled pool deck resurfacing pros can make getting a customized look with your poolscape a lot easier with lots of popular acrylic colors. For a cohesive look, you can actually apply this to your walkways and pool deck.  

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